Anna T. Szabó (also known as Anna Szabó T., in Hungarian Szabó T. Anna)

Poet, writer, translator. She was born in Transylvania (Romania) in 1972, moved to Hungary in 1987, studied English and Hungarian literature at the University of Budapest, and received her PhD in 2001 (her field of study being the translation of Shakespeare). She has published eight volumes of poetry for adults and nine for children, written two books of short stories, twelve plays, and has received several literary prizes. She is an elected member of the Széchenyi Academy of Letters and Arts (part of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences). She has translated (mainly from English, occasionally from German, French, Romanian and Dutch) many poems and lyrics, short stories, children’s books, essays, novels, drama, radio plays and librettos. She also writes essays, newspaper articles and reviews, gives lectures, and has taken part in the popular literary competition series of the Hungarian Television (Nyugat; Szósz; Lyukasóra). For ten years she worked as a translator and critic for the movie magazine Cinema; meanwhile has also worked as a co-leader of a series of poetry translation seminars organised by the British Council. Her poems are often used as lyrics by various performers. She also performs prose and poetry together with several jazz and classical musicians, while working as a freelance writer and translator, travelling and reading for children and adults alike, and taking part and organising translation seminars. She lives near Budapest with her husband the novelist György Dragomán and their two sons, currently working on a novel and a new annotated translation of Shakespeare’s Sonnets.

Prizes and grants

Petőfi prize, 1996, Soros-grant 1997, Déry-prize 2000, Zsigmond Móricz grant 2001, Attila József prize 2002, Vackor-prize 2003, Kavics-prize 2003, Zoltán Zelk prize 2004, János Arany grant and the prize of the Tokaj writers’ workshop, 2005, Scholarship Holder of the Berlin Academy of Arts, 2006, Fiction Prize of the Journal Mozgó Világ, 2006, Mihály Babits translation grant 2006, scholarship holder of the ULNÖ Krems, 2007, The prize of the audience, Playwrights Day competition, 2009; IBBY Translators Prize 2013; Writer’s Grant 2015 (Tampere, Finnland); prize of the jury, Puppet Theatre Playwright competition, 2016; Playwrights Day Competition, first prize, 2017; Bárka Prize, 2018. Shortlist nomination for the best book of the year (Libri Award, 2017, see also: )

See also her homepage (, her instagrm and her facebook pages Szabó T. Anna and Anna T. Szabó and the readers’ site for reference.


Volumes of Poetry:

– A madárlépte hó (Birdsteps in the Snow), Belvárosi Publishing, 1995

Nehézkedés (Gravity), Magvető Publishing, 1998

Fény (Light), Magvető Publishing, 2002

Rögzített mozgás (Capturing Motion), Magvető, 2004

Elhagy (She Leaves Me), Magvető, 2006

– Villany (Electric Light) (Magvető, 2010)

  • Kerített tér (Enclosed Space) Magvető, 2014
  • Ár (Flood) Magvető, 2018

Verslavina (Avalanche of Poems) with János Lackfi and others, Athenaeum, 2016

Volumes of Children’s Verse

Formák a tubusból (Forms from the Tube, children’s verse, co-author), Csimota, 2004

Kerge ABC (Funny Alphabet, children’s verse, co-author), Csimota- Magvető 2008

Holló Lali (Raven John), Városi Könyvtár, Győr, 2011

Adventi Kalendárium (Advent Calendar) and a separate volume of a monthly calendar, Reader’s Digest, 2011

  • Tatoktatok (Did U Do, poems for children, illustrated by Tibor Kárpáti), Magvető, 2012
  • Tükörcicák (Mirror Kittens, illustrated by Ági Maul), Tessloff, 2013
  • Tükörrobot (Mirror Robot, illustrated by Ági Maul), Tessloff, 2014
  • Körforgás (Roundabout, stories for the CD-book of the singer Ági Szalóki), Libri, 2014
  • Körtészet (Picking Pears), Manó Könyvek, 2014
  • Adventi naptár (Waiting for Christmas), Naphegy, 2018
  • Milyen színű a boldogság? (What colour is happyness? A poem to Krisztina Marosi’s drawings), Pagony, 217

Novel for children

Fűszermadár (The Spice Bird), Magvető, 2015

Téli rege (The Winter’s Tale, based on Shakespeare and Károly Goldmark’s opera), Holnap Kiadó, 2017

Short novel and a long story for young adults

Senki madara (No One’s Bird, short novel for young adults, illustrated by Kinga Rofusz, Magvető-Vivandra, 2014)

Szívek dallama(Heart Music, a novelette in a book by 4 contemporary authors) Menő Könyvek, 2017

Short stories

Törésteszt (Crash Test, Magvető, 2016)

Határ (Border, Magvető, 2018)

Book of essays

Ikertükör (Twin Mirrors, together with János Lackfi, 2016)


– Sycorax (based on Shakespeare’s The Tempest, libretto for Levente Gyöngyösi), yet unpublished, 2002

– Az üdvözültek, The Blessed (play, written for the competition of the National Theatre, has received honourable mention) 2004

– A fekete kutya (Black Dog, play written to the competition on the day of Hungarian Drama, presented in september 2009 at Tivoli Theatre, receiving the Audience Award)

– Fűszermadár (The Spice Bird, children’s play, first staged in December 2009 in Budaörs Theatre)

– Mézeskalács (Gingerbread, children’s play, staged in Budaörs Theatre 2011

– Világnak világa (Light of the World, miracle play, staged each year since 2011 during December in the churches of county Vas)

– Kézivezérlés (Manual Control, play written and performed for the comperition on the day of The Hungarian Drama, 2012)

– Princess Pea (children’s play, Budaörs Theathre, 2012)

– Szarvasok szövetsége (Stag Society, play for young adults, Kabóca Theatre, Veszprém, 2013)

– Kozmikus csizmadia (Cosmic Cobbler, play based on the texts of the poet Sándor Weöres, performed in the Petőfi Literary Museum, 2014)

– Cafat (Piece of Meat, one-act play for a museum performance, 2014)

Allegria (a one-act play written and performed during the Puppet Theatre Playwrights Competiton, May 2016)

A szecsuáni hóhérok (one-act play, performed in Budaörs, 2017)

Peter Pan (play for the Puppet Theatre, on stage in Eger and Budaörs, 2017-2018)

Song and poems for children’s plays

A holdbéli csónakos – dalok (Songs for a play by Sándor Weöres), Szombathely, Mesebolt bábszínház, 2016, directed by Mária Harangi

A halász és a nagyravágyó felesége (Songs for a play based on a tale by the Brothers Grimm), directed by Ágnes Kuthy, 2016

Mother Holle (Songs and texts for a play based on the tale of the Brothers Grimm, performed in 2017 by the Budapest Puppet Theatre), directed by Ágnes Kuthy

Poems, ballads and songs written for specific performances by the director Márta Scherman:

Oxitocin, 2009(songs fora play about motherhood, performed in the Dandár Bath by pregnant actresses)

Életosztás, 2014(Life Distribution, ballads about the homeless, performed at a Budapest Market)

Árvaálom, 2015(songs and ballads for a play about children prostitutes)

Pesti Erzsi, 2017 (songs performed by choirs in and about the Budapest district Pesterzsébet)

Plays using some of her poems

Babilon 2005

Szeretetnyelv (The Language of Love), 2013, Ars Sacra

Hajnali csillag peremén (Sitting on the Evening Star), 2010, Budapest Puppet Theatre

One-act plays based on my poems and short stories:

Szeressem végre magamat (Let me Love Myself), 2016. Edited and performed by Dóra Kakasy (Ódry Theatre)

Anyajegy (Mole) 2016 Edited and performed by Anna Valentyk (Vaskakas Puppet Theatre)

/N/Ő (Woman) 2016, Edited and directed by Réka Győr-Nádai

Also poems, prose, rewievs and critical works in various literary journals (Holmi, 2000, Mozgó Világ, ÉS, Beszélő, Új Forrás, Jelenkor, Műhely, Eső) and the daily Népszabadság; yearly anthologies (Szép versek), anthologies (for example the limerick-anthology Magyar Badar and the children’s verse anthologies Aranysityak and Friss tinta, and tales in the storybooks Nini néni, Kalóz nagyapa and Sokszínű mesék, and many readings and lectures in Hungary and abroad (Medana, Dublin, Amsterdam, London, Wien, Graz, Berlin, Krems, Cluj-Kolozsvár, Berehove-Beregszász, Prague, Xining, San Sebastian, Jerusalem, Cairo, Helsinki, Valetta, etc.).

Foreign volumes

Szabó T. Anna – Helwig Brunner, a volume of the two poets in German, Dichterpaare series, complete with CD, Kortina, 2008

Twa Ungerska Poeter, poems in Swedish together with Mónika Mesterházi, tr. By Per and Anna Swenson, Art Factory 2008

Poems in English:

Developing, translated by Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, The Anthology of the Converging Lines British-Hungarian Poetry Festival, 2004 Budapest, Published by the British Council

from Winter Diary, translated by Clare Pollard, Converging Lines,2004, Published by the British Council

from Winter Diary, translated by Clare Pollard, poetry london, Autumn 2004, 49

Seaquake, Traffic, City of Poets: Dublin, June 2004, Project Arts Centre

How to Photograph Seagulls, Developing, Experiment with Candle and Wineglass, On Darkness, Autofocus, translated by Samantha Wynne Rhydderch, Clive Wilmer and George Gömögi, Poetry Wales, volume 37, number 4.

On Darkness, Hospital Window, translated by Clive Wilmer and George Gömöri, An Island of Sound: anthology of Hungarian Poetry, The Harvill Press 2004

The Labour Ward, This Is How It Goes, Adolescents, Plastic Surgery, Twilight, translated by Clive Wilmer and George Gömöri, The Hungarian Quarterly, Vol. XLVI.No.177, 2005 Spring

This Day, Fire, We Say, two poems and the essay Poetry in the Night, translated by George Szirtes, The Hungarian Quarterly, Vol. 46, Summer 2005

Whitewater, Coldlight, two poems translated by Peter Zollman, Cencrastus Scottish and International, Issue 81, 2005

New Order, An Anthology of Post-89 Hungarian Poetry, ed. George Szirtes (many poems included)

Being Human, one poem in the poetry anthology ed. by Neil Astley

one poem included in the Poems on the Underground series, London

Poems in German:

Über das Auge, Das Tor, Deutsch von Gerhard Falkner, Budapester Szenen: Junge Ungarshe Lyrik, Herausgegeben von Gerhard Falkner und Orsolya Kalász, Dumont, 1999

Der heutige Tag, Verlässt mich, Deutsch von György Buda, Lichtungen, Spring 2005

So wie, Volkstadion, Deutsch von István Orbán, Lesung (reading), Collegium Hungaricum, 2005, 12 Oktober

Grundgerausch, Ein heisses Flimmern, Die Lehre, Lesung (reading), Wien-Gansendorf, 2006, November

Das Tor (Deutsch von Gerhard Falkner)

Isabel mit der Kerze (Aus dem Ungarischen von Bálint Walter und Éva Zádor)

Ein leichtes Abentauer (Aus dem Ungarischen von Bálint Walter und Éva Zádor)

Hexenlied (Aus dem Ungarischen von Bálint Walter)

Schamanenlied (Aus dem Ungarischen von Bálint Walter und Éva Zádor)

Die Kraft (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Sonnenaufgang (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Der heutige Tag (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Vollmond (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Krankenhaus im Jammertal (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Verläßt mich (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Die Lehre (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

33 (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Grundgeräusch (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Ein heißes Flimmern (Aus dem Ungarischen von György Buda)

Volume in German

Dichterpaare, mit Helwig Brunner, Kortina, 2007 (Szabó T. Anna – Helwig Brunner, a volume of the two poets in German, Anna Szabó T. translated by György Buda, Helwig Brunner translated by Anna T. Szabó, Dichterpaare series, complete with CD)

Volume in Swedish

Twa Ungerska Poeter, poems in Swedish together with Mónika Mesterházi, tr. By Per and Anna Swenson, Art Factory 2008

Other Languages (a selection):

French: two poems translated by George Timár (anthology of Hungarian Poetry) and four poems in the 2007 spring edition of the journal Action Poétique, translated by Anna Bálint

Bulgarian: four poems published in literary magazines translated by Mina Tzoneva

Slovenian: five poems translated by Marjanca Mihelic, Medana Festival Anthology 2004

Slovakian: poems in the periodical Romboid on Hungarian Writing, 2003;

Poems translated for the Poem Smugglers festival translated by Dana Podracka

Romanian: poem translated by Anamaria Pop in the anthology on Attila József, published by the Ráday Bookshop, 2005

Dutch: poems in the literary magazine Twede Ronde (Autumn 2004) translated by Anikó Daróczi

Italian: one poem in the anthology Tra ansia e finitudine – Szorongás és végesség között, 2005, ed. Dante Marianaci and Imre Barna, translated by Tomaso Kemény

Russian: one poem in the series of the Poems on the Underground translated by Anisimova Daria

Spanish: four poems in the anthology Tendré un helicóptero (Muestra de una nueva lírica Hungara) edited by María Teresa Reyes and Georges Ferdinandy, Editorial Isla Negra, 2006

Swedish: four poems translated by Per Swenson (some of them presented at a reading in the Nyitott Műhely, May 2007), and the volume Twa ungerska Poeter, tr. By Per and Anna Swenson, Art Factory 2008

Chech: Five poems translated by Robert Svoboda for the reading in Hungarian Institute of Prague, 2009 11. 11.

Essays, criticism (only a few excerpts):

The Self-Consuming Narrative (Paul Auster’s New York Trilogy), The Anchronist, 1996

The Architecture of Poetry (Helen Vendler: The Art of Shakespeare’s Sonnets), The Anachronist, 1998

Korlát és keret – Shakespeare XX. szonettje Babits és Szabó Lõrinc fordításában, (Barrier and Frame: Shakespeare’s XX Sonnet as translated by Mihály Babits and Lőrinc Szabó Lőrinc) in: Shakespeare-kollégium, Argumentum kiadó – Eötvös József Collegium, 2000

Festett lakoma: a vizualitás Shakespeare költeményeiben (Painted Feast: Visuality in Shakespeare’s Poems), Ikonológia és műértelmezés 9.: Szó és kép: a művészi kifejezés szemiotikája és ikonográfiája, JATEPress 2003

Mit jelent ez, édes úr?”: a némajáték szerepe a Hamletben (The Role of the Dumb Show in Hamlet) Az értelmezés rejtett terei – Shakespeare-tanulmányok, Kijárat kiadó, 2003

Magasan. Lackfi János: Öt seb (High Above: the poetry of János Lackfi) Holmi, 2000

Gyilkosság és rítus: közelítés Ted Hughes költészetéhez (Murder and Rite: An Approach to the Poetry of Ted Hughes) Műhely, 2002 spring

Az életről s a létről: verselemzés (On Life and Being: Self-Analysis) Forrás, 2001 July-August

Virrasztani kell (Balla Zsófia legújabb verseskönyvéről), (Keeping Vigil: The New Poems of Zsófia Balla) Műhely, 2003/6

Őszi rózsák (Autumn Roses: Poems and Flowers), Eső, 2004 autumn

Költők könyve – five little essays on contemporary Hungarian poetry, Noran, 2004

Arany János utóélete (PIM Budapest Literary Museum, 2017)

Also: many smaller articles in the 2000-2005 editions of the film journal Cinema

Lectures, Readings, Festivals, Conferences:

Time, Love and Death in Shakespeare’s Sonnets, HUSSE4, Conference of English Studies, Budapest 1999

„Mawkishly Misread” – Shakespeare: Sonnet 116, Second Stratford-Budapest Doctoral Conference, Budapest, 1998

Visuality in Shakespeare’s Poems, Iconology Conference in Szeged, Hungary 2000

Hungarian Poetry Today, NORLA, Gdansk, 1997

Contemporary Poetry, Brno, 1997

Converging Lines Festival of the British Council, 29 April- 9 May 2003

Young PEN Round Table Discussion, Budmerice, Slovakia, 2003

Converging Lines British Council UK / Hungarian Poets Tour 13-19 October 2004

Reading, Medana Festival of Poetry and Wine, Medana, Slovenia, 2004

PEN Conference, Tokaj, Hungary, 2004

Reading, Projects Arts Centre, Dublin, 2004

Reading, Amsterdam, 2004

Reading, Graz, Austria, Spring 2005

Reading, Collegium Hungaricum, 2005, 12 Oktober

Lecture on Young Hungarian Poetry, Bornemissza Society, Wienna, 2005

Reading, International PEN Conference, Berlin, 2006 May 21, introduced by György Konrád

Reading, Wien-Gansendorf, 2006, November

Reading, Cluj-Kolozsvár, 2009 January

Reading, Xining, Quinghai Lake Poetry Festival China, August 2009

International poetry translation workshop, Dane, Slovenia, 2009

Readings in Göteborg and Stockholm, 2010 March

International poetry translation workshop Balatonfüred, Hungary, 2011

Reading, Ledbury Festival, 2011, and also in a library in Manchester

Readings in Wien, Warsaw, Budapest, Krems and Prague, during the project called Visegrád Poetesse 2011-2013

Lecture on contemporary Hungarian prose, Petőfi Literary Museum, Budapest, 2012

Reading and lecture in Helsinki and the Lahti Festival, Finnland, 2013

Readings in and about San Simon Island, Catalonia, 2013

Readings during the Shaar Festival, Haifa, 2014

Readings in Cairo, 2014

Readings and international poetry workshop in Malta, 2014

Reading and scholarship in Tampere, Finnland, 2015

Readings in New Delhi, 2015

Reading and talk in Székelyudvarhely, Transsylvania, Romania, 2016

Readig at the conference Oxitocyn, Birthing the World, London, Royal College of Art, Jun 3 2017

Readig and performance with the Kaláka group at Times Literary Festival, Mumbai, Dec 2017


5O. Frankfurt Bookfair ’98, Literature from Hungary – Hungarian Authors (in English; co-editor)

51. Frankfurter Buchmesse ’99, Focal Theme Hungary – Hungaian Authors (in English, co-editor)

Modern Classics from Hungary I., Hungarian Book Foundation, Budapest, 2000 (co-editor)

Modern Classics from Hungary II. , Hungarian Book Foundation, 2002 (co-editor)

Poemcards: Poems from the Translation Workshop of the British Council (2000-2004, editor)

Modern Classics from Hungary, 1.- 2. 2004 (co-editor)

Hunlit: the bilingual database of the Hungarian Book Foundation, 2004 – 2005, (co-editor)

Translations into Hungarian (listyet to be completed):

John Cheever: Az Úszó, (The Swimmer) 2000 Literary Journal, January 1993

Paul Auster: Holtak Könyve, (Book of the Dead), the Journal 2000, July 1996

Leslie Fiedler: Gyere vissza a tutajra drága Huck, (Welcome to the Raft Again, Huck, Honey), Magyar Lettre Internationale, 1997/2

James Joyce: Poems Pennyeach (7 poems), Átváltozások, 1997, 12. James Joyce költeményei, Orpheus kiadó, 2000, James Joyce Kisebb művek, Arktisz Kiadó, 2002

William Shakespeare: Szonettek (3 sonnets), Jelenlét, 1997, 17.

George Szirtes: Bérház (poem), Jelenlét, 1998

John Updike: Bech befut (Bech at Bay, a novel), Európa, 1999

Martin McDonagh: A kripli (The Cripple of Innishmaan, play), performed in the theatres Szigligeti Színház, Szolnok, 1998, Budapesti Kamaraszínház, 1988-1999-2000

Bobbie Ann Mason: Shiloh, Nancy Culpepper (short stories), in: Családi tánc (antology of short stories), Navigátor kiadó, 2000

W. B. Yeats: Versek, (poems) in. W. B. Yeats: Versek, Európa, 2000

Janelle Reinert: Brecht után (After Brecht, essay), Átváltozások, 2000/19

W. B. Yeats: A Baile partján; A csontok álmodása (a book inclucing two plays in my translation) Nagyvilág, 2003

Virginia Woolf: Naplórészletek (Exerpts from the Diaries) Műhely, 2001

Stuart Parker: The Iceberg (radio play), Magyar Rádió, 2002

Margaret Atwood, Leonard Cohen: Versek (poems) in: Kristálykert, Kanadai költők antológiája (Anthology of Canadian Poetry) Magyar-Kanadai Baráti Társaság, 2001

Clara Györgyei: Molnár Ferenc (biography), Magvető Publishers, 2001

Sylvia Plath: Versek, (poems) in: Sylvia Plath versei, Európa, 2002

Clive Wilmer: Végtelen változatok (a volume of poems; translated together with George Gömöri), JATE Press, Szeged, 2002

Tom Hubbard: vers (poem)Nagyvilág, 2001/12

Samantha Wynne Rhydderch: versek, (poems), Nagyvilág, 2002/1

Lady Carrington: Éjszakai lélekvadászok, (essay) Átváltozások, 2002

Leoncavallo: Pagliacci (libretto), Színház- és Filmművészeti Egyetem (performed by the students of the University of Film and Theatre), May 2003

William Shakespeare: Két szonett (two sonnets) Holmi, 2004 október

Meg Bateman, Seán Rafferty, Iain Bamfort, Garry Fellows: poems, Belső terek, Parnasszus könyvek, Budapest, 2004

Thomas Middleton-William Rowley: The Old Law (A kor törvénye, play, adapted for the radio), 2012

Beatrix Potter: The Peter Rabbit’s Library series, 12 volumes, 2008-2012, General PressPublishing

Emma Thomson: Nyúl Péter újabb kalandjai (The Further Tales of Peter Rabbit), General Press, 2012

Rob Scotton: Russel, the Sheep, General Press, 2011

Harry Horse’s Little Rabbit series, 5 volumes, 2010-2011

Andrea Dezső: Mamushka, book for children, Csimota, 2010

Cinthya and Brian Patterson Foxwood Tales series, 5 volumes, 2010-2011

Patrick Ness: A Monster Calls (Szólít a szörny, novel), Vivandra, 2012

Melanie Watt: Scaredy Squirrel series, 4 books, 2013-14

Orit Gidali: Nora the Mind-reader, children’s book, Csimota, 2013

Agnes Lacor – Gwen Le Gac: Lili, children’s book, Csimota, 2011

Holly Hobbie: Toot and Puddle (Duda és Pocsolya) children’s book, General Press, 2010

Davide Cali – Serge Bloch: L’Ennemi (The Enemy), children’s book, Csimota,

Eef Rombaut – Emma Thyssen: Hart (Szívszerelem), novel, Csimota, 2013

Audrey Niffenegger: Raven Girl (Hollókisasszony), novel, Athenaeum, 2014

Tom Schamp: Otto series – 2 books for children, Csimota, 2010, 2011

Katja Mensing: Punkt, Punkt, Komma, Strich, drawing rhymes for children, General Press, 2013

Bertold Brecht: Der Jasager (libretto, performed by the Festival Orchestra), 2014

Lane Smith: It’s a Book (Ez egy könyv), book for children, Csimota, 2012

Lawrence Schimel: The Boy and the Spy, Csimota, 2014

Sun-Mi Hwang: The Hen Who Dreamed She Could Fly (Rügy), novel for children, Athenaeum, 2014

Allan Ahlberg: Kicking a Ball (Rúgom a bőrt), rhymes for children, General Press, 2014

Thorsten Saleima: Oho, Wem Gehört dem Tierpopo, poems for children, Tessloff Babilon, 2015

Thierry Chapeau: L’ Etoffe d’un Roi (The King’s Robe) book for children, Csimota, 2015

Lauren Child: Charlie and Lola series, 4 books, Csimota, 2013-2017

Rémi Courgeon: Brindille (Botocska), Vivandra, 2015

Brigitte Weninger, 24 Stories for Christmas (24 karácsonyi mese) Naphegy, 2015

Marijke ten Cate: Bible for Children, Kálvin, 2015

Dr. Seuss: If I Ran the Circus, Kolibri, 2016

Dr. Seuss: The Cat in the Hat, Kolibri, 2016

Robert Munsch: Love You Forever, Manó, 2016

Géraldine Eischner – Élise Mansot: The Blue Horse (A kék ló), Csimota, 2016

Elckerlijc (Everyman), a Dutch morality play, performed during the autumn of 2016 and to be printed soon

Marc Norman- Tom Stoppard: Shakespeare in Love, play performed by the Madách Theatre, 2017, also published as a book by 21. Század Kiadó, 2017

Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale, performed by the Radnóti Theatre, 2017-18

Dr. Seuss: Green Eggs and Ham, Kolibri Publishing House, 2017

Dr. Seuss: What Pet Should I Get? Kolibri, 2017

Véronique Massenot: La Grande Vague, (A nagy hullám), Csimota, 2017

Sarah Crossan: One (novel in verse), 2017

Benji Davies: Grandad’s island (Nagypapa szigete), Móra, 2016

Lauren Child: Utterly Me (novel for young adults) Csimota, 2018

Raymond J. Lustig – Matthew Doherty: Semmelweis (libretto, performed in Miskolc and the Budapest Operetta Theatre, 2018)

Dr. Seuss: Fox in Socks (Rókamóka), Kolibri, 2018

Emily Winfield Martinː Bármi lehetsz!; Central, Bp., 2017

Clare Azzopardi: The Names They Ledt Behind (Pár női név, short story collection) Noran Libro, 2018

Lauren Child: Clarice Bean Spells Trouble (Clarice Bean és a helyesíráspara, novel for young adults), Csimota, 2018